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How to subscribe to the service?
Go to the purchase page and follow the directions:
1. Select a plan
2.Enter your Username, Email Address and Password.
3.Select your preferred payment method and click Continue

Then you will be directed to the payment page.

Enter your data and purchase services

Just to remind you: payment by cryptocurrency doesn't provide autopay. You must renew your subscription yourself.
Do you save account information? deals with security-related issues, especially security-related issues of our customers, and therefore we don’t keep confidential information about any users accounts.

This is what we know about our users:

• Email
• Username
• Payment Information (date and order number)
I bought, but my account is still inactive
If you paid for services, and your account is still inactive, perhaps your payment has not yet been processed by our payment system. Check your payment, maybe it has been canceled. If you do not know how to solve this problem, Сontact us, we will try to help you.
What payment methods do you have?
You can pay for a service with Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard), PP and ALFAcoins (Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, XRP).

Just to remind you: payment by cryptocurrency doesn't enroll you in autopay. If you pay with cryptocurrencies you'll need to renew your subscription yourself.
I have been charged twice. What should I do?
You have two choices:

• You can step up your subscription for these funds.
• You can write to our support service and report the problem, provide them payment details and we will try to help you

Try to do it right away after you find that the cash have been taken out twice to solve this problem.
If I purchased for 1 month, can I change my plan later?
Yes, you can change your payment plan whenever you want

You can change your plan by going to My Account, clicking on the Change Plan, then selecting a plan convenient for you and click Confirm

Next, payment will occur according to the new plan.
I paid for service. Will I be charged again?
Any payment method other than ALFAcoins creates an ongoing subscription. It will automatically charge you after your subscription expires.
What is your money-back policy?
If you are not satisfied with the service, then you have the opportunity to request a refund within 14 days via our feedback form. All requests for a refund after a 14-day period are considered individually by the site administration.

If you have any technical difficulties, please contact our support team using the Help Page, feedback form before requesting a refund.

For payments made with cryptocurrency, the equivalent amount in US dollars will be returned in the same cryptocurrency (based on the exchange rate at the time of refund, less commission fees charged by our service). reserves the right to suspend or refuse service to any user who has violated the terms of use of the service without explanation.

Refunds will not be considered for users who have been refused services due to violation of these Terms of Service.
How to cancel a regular payment?
To cancel a regular payment, do the following:

1. Sign in to your account to My Service tab
2. Click on the My Subscription tab and find your active subscription there.
3. Click Cancel, fill in the fields and click Unsubscribe.
4. Now the regular payment is canceled.
All information about connection problems.
Can a provider see me using
Since the VPN encrypts all your traffic, your Internet service provider will only see undecryptable nonsense that is transmitted back and forth between your computer/mobile device and the VPN server. Your ISP may see that you are connecting to another online address, but he will not know what you are doing online. This way you have all the necessary protection regardless of the situation!
I have a slow connection speed

Test your Internet speed without VPN and with a VPN. Then we will find out if the speed of your Internet connection is reduced.

1. Disable VPN
2. Go to
3. Measure your speed
4. Now connect to the VPN
5. Measure your speed

If the VPN connection speed is too low, do the following:

- Try to connect to another VPN server (usually to the server that is located closer to your physical location)

Frequent disconnections

• Try to connect to another VPN server (usually to the server that is closer to your physical location)
• Disable your firewalls temporarily and try again.

If the previous steps did not help you, please check your connection speed and ping, perhaps your network is currently unstable.
Websites still blocked

- Some websites block the IP addresses of VPN providers. Try to connect to the server with a different location

- If connecting to another server didn’t help, you can try to find out in which countries the selected Internet resource is blocked, and select a server that sidesteps the restriction.
How to disable WebRTC?
WebRTC (short for Web real-time communications) is a technology that allows you to transfer audio and video streaming data between browsers and mobile applications, but it reveals the user's IP address.

How to disable WebRTC in Chrome

Currently WebRTC can be disabled in this browser using the WebRTC Leak Prevent or Easy WebRTC Block plugins.

How to disable WebRTC in Firefox

To disable WebRTC in Firefox, enter: "about:config" in the address bar, and you will see a list of settings:


Find media.peerconnection.enabled and set to false

How to disable WebRTC in Yandex and Opera

Install yourself an extension WebRTC Control which allows you to disable WebRTC and protect you from leak.

How to disable WebRTC in Google Chrome on Android

Enter URL in the address bar: chrome://flags/#disable-webrtc

Click “Enable” below the setting “Disable WebRTC“.

Restart browser

How to disable WebRTC leaks in Safari

Open Safari and go to Safari > Preferences…

Go to the Advanced tab and checkbox below with the inscription Show Develop Menu in menu bar.

Close the settings menu and go to Develop > Experimental Features.

Check the option - Remove Legacy WebRTC API.

How to disable WebRTC leaks on iOS

You can only disable WebRTC in mobile Safari on iOS 11 or earlier. The setting of its disablement was removed on iOS 12.

Disabling WebRTC on the Safari browser on iOS 11 or earlier is fairly similar to the desktop version:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad

Scroll down and tap on Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features

Tap the switch next to Remove Legacy WebRTC API for it turns green
About VPN
Here you can find information about technology for anonymity and privacy.
What is VPN?
Nowadays both internet service providers and websites/companies are trying to gain access to our personal data and internet traffic information. However, we want to keep this information private, and the best thing we can do in a situation like this is to use a VPN. In this article you will learn more about what a VPN is, what it does and how you can use it to get the best results.

What is VPN?

The VPN, also known as a virtual private network, is a service that allows you to access the internet privately and safely. It routes the internet connection through a server owned by the VPN company. This way the internet service provider and anyone on the web trying to figure out what you are browsing will not be able to see or find anything about your online actions. If you want to keep your online browsing history and experience private, the VPN is designed to help you with that. The traffic is fully encrypted and not even the VPN company will keep a record of what you are doing online.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN works quite simple. You are starting the VPN client from that company, select a server that you want to access and then connect to it. Now you can start browsing the web. As you are doing that, the software encrypts your data and then the data goes directly to the VPN server which will then share it with the website you want to visit. Most VPN services have a certain limit that you have to adhere to, but most of the time you are free to have as much traffic as you want.

How is data encrypted?

That depends on the VPN service you want to use. But most of the time, the process will start with plain data you want to share. Then the VPN will re-arrange the data and apply a key to transform the data back to its initial format. Now the data is fully encrypted and only the VPN service will know how to unlock it with the dedicated encryption key. There are multiple encryption protocols that the VPN service can use, with the AES-256 encryption system being the most popular one.

Internet without borders

One of the top advantages of having a VPN tool is that you can access the internet without borders. Now you can finally explore any website you want without worrying that someone online will be able to access your personal information. It really helps a lot if you want to stay safe online and you can visit any site you want.

Using a VPN is the best way to eliminate ad trackers and other tools from websites. You can also access content destined for other countries too. This is the ultimate way to see and enjoy the internet without any borders. It’s convenient, unique and just the best way to have fun online or just complete serious transactions without anyone else snooping around!
How to become anonymous on the Internet?
Staying anonymous online is something we all want to do. But with so many ad trackers, hackers and scams, not to mention keyloggers, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay anonymous online nowadays. But there are ways to counteract that as long as you commit to it and make it work in a meaningful and powerful way.

Blocking sites trends

Yes, more and more websites block you unless you create an account. You will need to share personal information in order to access the website. There are ways around that thankfully. The problem is that personal identification is required for sites like that to avoid scams and hackers, so it becomes increasingly difficult to access the best results.

What you want to do at first is to use ad blockers, that will start helping you a lot. If you want to use apps, don’t use the popular ones like WhatsApp or Viber. Go with encrypted solutions that no one can have access to.

On top of that, using secure email solutions is another great idea. ProtonMail does a very good job, Tutanota, LuxSci and so on are very good and they will help retain anonymity. Also, if you use wireless networks just go with the encrypted ones, the last thing you want is to use public networks. Delete browser cookies regularly as well.

Is complete anonymity impossible?

In some ways it is, because you can’t hide everything and sometimes you will be required to share some information here and there. But you shouldn’t ignore your safety. If you deny your anonymity on the web that’s not a good idea. There are still many ways you can stay anonymous and all you have to do is to use them wisely to obtain great results all the time.

If you use passwords at home or if you have smart devices, protect everything with extremely complicated passwords. Use a password manager and never reuse the same password unless it’s a random website. When you share files, use encrypted file sharing solutions like Onionshare, Retroshare and many others.

How can you improve your anonymity online?

The best way to achieve that is to use a VPN solution. Using a proxy or the TOR network will help too, but these are not always reliable. A VPN will help you retain your anonymity and you can choose what to share, how to share and when to do that. It really makes all the difference and you can finally focus on keeping your anonymity online in a way that works for you.

Keep in mind that using a VPN is pretty much a priority if you want to stay safe and not share your personal info or your browsing history with anyone. It’s not always going to be easy to stay anonymous online, but using a VPN is a great start. It gives you the comfort of browsing content online at your own pace without rushing you in any way. Of course you still need to use secure tools to ensure your anonymity while sending emails or browsing, but a VPN should always be a part of your anonymity package. You can check THIS VPN solution for complete safety online!
Methods of anonymity on the Internet
Staying anonymous on the internet is a priority right now. With so much data theft and hacking that happens nowadays, it’s important to know how to protect yourself against data thieves. And that’s why you really need to figure out ways to access the internet anonymously. Thankfully there are multiple methods to achieve that, and in the end it’s one of the best ways to stay safe without worrying about hacks or attackers. Here you have a few great methods to keep you safe online.


A VPN is by far one of the best ways to stay safe online. The VPN is a tool that you install on your computer, open it up and then choose what server/country you want to mask your online experience from. The ISP will not see what you are doing aside from downloading or uploading (without knowing what exactly you upload and download). And the best part is that you can easily access any site you want.

The country restrictions are also lifted this way. You have all the anonymity removed and you can easily stay online and just enjoy the unique experiences there without having to worry about any hassle. It certainly helps a lot, and it gives you a tremendous way to protect your personal internet history fast and easy. And all you have to do is to use a VPN service and pay a few dollars per month for their services.


TOR is a system where you can protect your privacy via using a network of virtual tunnels to pass info over the internet. A lot of people say that TOR is a way to access the dark web, but at the same time you can share content or anything else without anyone else seeing it other than the person you are talking with. This is convenient, unique and it certainly offers the results and experience you want without that much of a hassle.


A web-based proxy will allow you to use an alternate computer for loading websites. The results are displayed on your computer via the browser, but no one really knows it’s you accessing that content. It’s great because it brings in front amazing results and unique features while also offering some rewarding benefits and clever features for you to enjoy. It works to use a proxy for accessing various websites, but that means you need to manually connect to a computer that acts as a proxy. That computer has to be online, so there are multiple things that need to work well here.

In the end, you can still be anonymous online without that much of a problem. The idea is to figure out what approach you should use and what really works for you. Ideally we recommend you to go with a VPN as it’s inexpensive, reliable and you can stay online for as much time as you want without being monitored. It’s also great even for newcomers as you just install it, choose the server and you are good to go!
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